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Veteran R&B queen Ledisi presented her first tour called 'Pieces of Me Tour' in 2011. Particular attention deserves second headlining Ledisi's B.G.T.Y. Tour (Be Good to Yourself) in 2012. It was to support her fifth studio Billboard Top 10 album, Pieces of Me. The next tour of the singer was held in support of her LP 'The Truth' in 2014. Subsequently, two more tours was held by singer Ledisi, The Intimate Truth Tour in 2015) and The Rebel The Soul The Saint Tour in 2017. The next tour, entitled 'Let Love Rule', is scheduled to take place in the summer of 2018 and will promote the latest album of the singer.

  • It's Christmas (2008)
  • Pieces of Me Tour (2011)
  • B.G.T.Y. Tour (2012)
  • The Truth Tour (2014)
  • The Intimate Truth Tour (2015)
  • The Rebel The Soul The Saint Tour (2017)
  • Let Love Rule (2018)

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